Monday, December 4, 2023

Driftin' in the desert wind

Asked for a single word to describe this new era of her life, [Abby] Anderson chose "freedom." "It was made possible by leaving my old beliefs — not just a church, not just a label," she said. "It was about breaking up with the story I had been telling myself [about pleasing everybody]."
~Callie Ahlgrim

Happy Music Monday! I'm sure I'm circling around to holiday music, but for now, here's a talented singer with a song she wrote for her mother. (My guess is that her mama is the baby in the song.)

Abby Anderson:

One more: Bad Posture

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HWY said...

She really does know how to tell a story. The Heart on Fire in Mexico is a sad song, but Bad Posture is a positive one. Good strong voice.