Thursday, June 1, 2023


If I had Aladdin's lamp and the usual three wishes, the first would always be, 'Give me the first day of June.'
~Gladys Taber

Hi folks! For Art Thursday, June. Something sent me on a sheep-shearing side-track when I was looking at June paintings, so I have included one of those even though sheep can be shorn during any season.

June from Through the Year with Birds and Poets

by Eugene Grasset

by Alphonse Mucha

Sheep shearer
Unknown painter

Ornament featuring Mercury, patron of the month of June
by Adolphe Giraldon

June, Lippincott


HWY said...

I like June, too. Summer begins (in my opinion)!

Nice art work...and I especially like the Eugene Grasset piece.

Carol Varsalona said...

Tabatha, all things June shared are lovely. Thanks for the walkthrough gallery. - Carol Varsalona