Thursday, September 8, 2022


If I could rise like the wind or the tides of the sea
I would sing you to sleep my love with sweet melody
~Gordon M. Lightfoot

Art Thursday time! Sometimes I pick a theme and then I look for art, but our theme today is "art that I ran across this week."

I am a sucker for windows, animals, fabric textures, and plants. (I don't know if there is a connection between artist Maxwell Gordon Lightfoot and musician Gordon M. Lightfoot, other than they are both in this post.)

Woman at a Window
by Caspar David Friedrich

Study of Two Sheep
by Maxwell Gordon Lightfoot

Red Hot Pokers
by Richard Spare

by Gregorio Sciltian

by Suzanne Valadon

1 comment:

Pop said...

Nice selection today, Tabatha...all very nice works.

Woman at a Window really drew me in and I wondered if she was just looking out or was she doing something. Either way, I liked it very much.