Thursday, December 17, 2020


During the nine-day novena before Christmas, these paruls [lanterns] were brought around each barrio in procession to their visita...This tradition gradually evolved as the lanterns became bigger and the designs became more intricate...In the end, these lanterns became a symbol of unity for the barrios.
Wikipedia entry for Giant Lantern Festival

I feel like enjoying some lights, so here are lanterns from a previous Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando, the Philippines. Keep in mind that these lanterns are probably 15 feet across! It must be wonderful to see. Ramon F. Velasquez is the photographer.


Pop said...

These are really beautiful. Especially liked the ones with the blue "beads."

Trying to picture it 15 feet across!

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maryecronin said...

These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and happy holidays to you.

Gail Aldous said...

Wow, how beautiful these are! Amazing art!