Thursday, September 3, 2020

Old Celestial Maps

The most remarkable discovery in all of astronomy is that the stars are made of atoms of the same kind as those on the earth.
~Richard P. Feynman

I've been posting for Art Thursday so long that I don't really know what topics and artworks I've already posted. The upside of that is that I don't figure you remember what I've posted either. Ha ha! Today, old celestial maps:

Celestial map of the moon's orbit around the earth and the phases of the moon
Johannes van Loon

ca. 1750 celestial map
by Tobias Conrad Lotter

Map of the earth according to the system of Ptolemy
Johannes van Loon

Corporum coelestium magnitudines
by Johannes van Loon

Geography of the Heavens, Northern night sky in the months of July, August and September, 1856
W. G. Evans

ca. 1930 Star Map
by Elizabeth Shurtleff

Sky Map Online
Printable celestial maps


Ruth said...

Far out!

Pop said...

These are really cool...and quite interesting art pieces. Loved the 1930 Star Map in particular.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Oh my gosh - this POST! So, you know I have an old map addic..., I mean, habit. I can only occasionally afford the very small ones that are very old. I came across a small Mallet 1685 Celestial Map Planisphere (septentrional Constellations) earlier this year on eBay and bought it! I haven't even made any reproduction cards or anything from it yet, but something for sure will be coming... Thanks for sharing these!!