Thursday, September 10, 2020

By Candlelight

A great flame follows a little spark.
~Dante Alighieri

Once again, I can't remember what I've posted before. I must have had "candles" as a topic for Art Thursday already, right? These are different ones anyway (I guess?).

Detail from Netherlandish Proverbs
Pieter Bruegel

Madonna and Child, circa 1660
by Tomás Hiepes

Wonderland, between circa 1860 and circa 1890
Adelaide Claxton

Young Boy Singing
by Trophime Bigot (1579–1650)

A girl at the piano
by Poul Friis Nybo (1869–1929)

Lacework, Prague, Czech Republic
photo by Adam Jones

1 comment:

Pop said...

These depictions of candles are all fascinating, but I really like the Wonderland painting. My eye was immediately drawn to the little girl reading. As an avid reader myself, I recognized the absorbed look on her is a beautiful moment. Then I noticed the dark specter rising from the candle, which is very menacing, as witnessed by the cat. There is a LOT to feel in this work.