Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wee accomplishments

Gratitude is a many-colored quality, reaching in all directions.
~Faith Baldwin

Hi y'all. What's up?

The other day, I GroupMe'd a photo to my husband and children of a tiny squished up tube of toothpaste I found in my younger daughter's bathroom, naming her "winner of getting the most out of a tube of toothpaste." She said she appreciated having her hard work be noticed (and also said that she wasn't done with it!).

Afterwards I thought maybe there were other folks who deserved wee pats on the back. Have you done anything you think deserves a "way to go!"? Perhaps you learned how to turn a doorknob with your elbows (something I wished I could do today), or kept a plant alive, or managed to find soft toilet paper. Maybe you figured out how to use technology that had heretofore stumped you. Maybe you made an assortment of unusual ingredients work somehow. Maybe you calmed somebody down. Maybe you were that somebody!

In case you are ready for a pat on the back, here one is, all official!

For You

Acta est fabula: plaudite!
The performance is done; applaud!


Linda B said...

Love hearing about that toothpaste, Tabatha. I'm one that tried to get every tiny bit out of one, too. As for my learning, I "hope" I've learned to be patient with all sorts of people's ideas of how to live in this time. Even close family members are going out more than I would trust, but. . . So I just hope they'll be safe & don't argue.

Tabatha said...

Keeping your mouth shut after you've decided it's best to shut it, even when you really really want to say something ... definitely deserves a pat on the back! So hard. (That said, if they are doing something that makes you feel like YOU are being put in danger, feel free to say/do something!) xo

Ruth said...

Thank you, Tabatha! I sure appreciate that pat on the back. I needed it!

HWY said...

We just bought a new lawnmower and I read the manuals (both for the mower
AND the engine) all the way through, even though every single paragraph was followed by a French and Spanish version. But I did it!