Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hospital Gifts

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.
~Charles Dudley Warner

Today's post came about because I had been wondering what to give someone who spends a lot of time in the hospital. In April of this year, while my daughter was having one health crisis after another, an online friend of hers provided precious support and comfort. This young woman has a July birthday, so I was trying to think of a helpful gift. When people are limited as to what they can eat and what scents they can come in contact with, it's easy to give a present that they can't use. I do believe that it's the thought that counts, but it is nice when the person can enjoy the gift, too!

Do Say Give has a list of What to bring someone in the hospital which made me think about embroidering pillowcases and the rest of the list came from additional brainstorming:


Instructables on Embroidering Pillowcases
Molly and Mama on Embroidering a pillowcase with an iron-on transfer
Gluestick Blog on Making a fleece pillowcase

Make slippers or socks:

WikiHow on Turning your jeans into slippers
Shiny Happy World with a Free Sock Knitting pattern

Sleep Masks:

Cool Crafts has a list of 30 Ways to make homemade sleep masks

A cup cozy:

Diana Rambles explains Turning a sock into a cup cozy

Something to put odds and ends in:

A video about Making a Denim Bucket with old jeans

Do you have gift suggestions?


Linda B said...

I'm not sure about making something, though if you can, a homemade anything would be lovely. A former student years ago was in for a long month & could not have visitors except for her parents. I sent her a poem that I paired with a picture every day. (I didn't write them & simply looked for beautiful pictures in old National Geographic to match a poem I found. Her mom told me it became something to look forward to & they hung everyone up which also gave her something to talk about with all the med people. When my daughter had surgery, I found a thing that tucked under the mattress & hung down with pockets for stuff, like a book, a phone, etc. That's my more recent experiences, Tabatha. Is this young woman in for a long while? It's tough to be in & perhaps feel isolated, too.

Tabatha said...

I love both of those ideas, Linda! Thanks for sharing them.
The young woman who prompted this post is in the hospital often, for varying lengths of time.