Sunday, January 17, 2016


Run and tell the angels
That everything is all right
~Learn to Fly

Have you seen the video where an Italian town asks the Foo Fighters to come play there? I saw it on Collette Bennett's fine blog, Used Books in Class. If you haven't seen it, do check it out! You won't be sorry.


Keri said...

That was *awesome*!! I can't believe everyone kept it together & sounded so great. My favorite part was how many kids were there playing. That experience is something they'll not soon forget. Thank you for sharing!

HWY said...

I see something different every time I look at the video (and, yes, I've watched it a bunch of times). But *every* time I am completely blown away by the utter joy of the participants.

(That this is my favorite Foo Fighters song has nothing to do with my exuberance. ;-)

Mrs. Bennett said...

Thank you, Tabatha! I am so glad you enjoyed this post!