Thursday, January 7, 2016

Like Apple Blossom After Rain

Proper writing ink comes in a bottle, can be swirled like brandy in a glass, and smells like apple blossom after rain.
~Fennel Hudson

Inkwells, glass nibbed fountain pens...don't they look like they would inspire elegant calligraphy and witty letters? Perhaps in my case, they would just inspire heartfelt splotches, but I would enjoy making them! :-)

photo by Butch Dalisay

Schreibfedernsortiment Soennecken
photo by Nicolas17

Glass Nib Dip Pens
by Aganippe

Glass Pens
by Aganippe

Inkwell from the late 19th or early 20th century
photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia

Musée de la faïence, encrier Gien
photo by Robert Valette

Inkstand with plaque inscribed FHH and dated 1822, owned by chimney-sweep in Coburg, Sachsen-Coburg, Germany
photo by Daderot

Armadillo Inkwell
photo by David

Inkwell depicting water nymph's head in lily pond, early 20th century
photo by Daderot


Pop said...

Like you, I am inspired by such writing instruments and the possibilities. Now if I could just produce something on paper as nice as what I envision!

The last three were especially wonderful and extremely diverse. (And I guess early nineteenth century chimney sweeps made a good living to afford such a handsome stand!)

Tabatha said...

It seems like there should be an interesting story behind the chimney-sweep's pen stand!

Retta said...

I love that armadillo inkwell!

Robyn Hood Black said...

Oh, my - Be still my heart! I have a couple of fun old wells/bottles in my studio. Love all of these; thank you for sharing, Tabatha!!!

Kelly Fineman said...

I am lin love with that armadillo inkwell. What a great post!

Diane Mayr said...

These are beautiful. To think, just today, I finally found a pen that actually writes for 10 seconds without skipping, clogging, and everything else a cheapo 21st pen does. I was in heaven! What a difference in the way we care about making writing instruments, as compared to the era of the fountain pen. I can imagine an armadillo on my desk at the library!

Doraine Bennett said...

What great pics! I think my favorite is the water nymph, but I am intrigued by the armadillo. Around here they are mostly road kill. Poor, dumb critters. Nasty garden wrecking critters. Yes, I have ambiguous feelings toward them. Still it's a pretty cool inkwell.