Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Winter's Tale

What wisdom stirs amongst you? Come, sir, now
I am for you again: pray you sit by us,
And tell's a tale.

Merry or sad shall't be?

As merry as you will.

A sad tale's best for winter. I have one
Of sprites and goblins.
~ Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

We've got statues that come to life, a man chased by a bear, and a baby left on a doorstep. It's Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, which I haven't yet seen performed. Side-note: the statue that comes to life is named Hermione (the only non-Harry Potter "Hermione" I know). For my fellow costume fans, some costume designs are included! :-) The Folger Library has a terrific collection of Shakespeare images.

Antigonus chased by a bear ("Exit, pursued by a bear")
by Thomas Bragg, Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Collection

Mary Anderson as Hermione
by Henry Van der Weyde, 1887

Hermione and Leontes, Paulina: Nay, present your hand, Winter's tale, act V, scene III
drawn by J. McL. Ralston ; engraved by Joseph Swain.

Winter's tale, act III, scene III
19th century?

Winter's Tale, Act II, Scene III
by John Opie

Costume designs for the Viola Allen production of Winter's Tale at the Knickerbocker Theatre
by Tom Heslewood

Winter's Tale at the Knickerbocker Theatre
by Tom Heslewood

Winter's Tale at the Knickerbocker Theatre
by Tom Heslewood

* The Winter's Tale, the ballet
* Jeanette Wilson's cover version novel of The Winter's Tale


Pop said...

You can't go wrong with Shakespeare and these pieces are wonderful (especially the drawings by Tom Heslewood).

BTW, I do know of another Hermione: Hermione Gingold, a very talented English actor. She did lots of roles in movies and television, but I remember her specifically for her role in the TV show Bewitched.

Linda B said...

Your "Pop" beat me to telling you of Hermione Gingold, I guess a treasured name to remember and J.K. Rowling has forever put her into the minds of many children. The costumes and scenes are wonderful. A Winter's Tale might be a good one to read here in our cold, cold days and nights. Happy New Year, Tabatha.

Ruth said...

Hermione was the daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus, before Helen ran off with Paris.

Thanks for this post and all your blogging. Your finds are always wonderful!

Author Amok said...

I've never seen this one performed either. I was listening to a podcast with Patrick Stewart where he talks about a moment with Hermione being one of his favorites in all of Shakespeare!