Monday, December 21, 2015

Sing We Now of Christmas

Christmas comes anew, O let us sing Noel!
~Noël Nouvelet, traditional circa 1500

I seem to have a never-ending stream of Christmas favorites...

Isn't the name "The Stairwell Carollers" fun?

One more of the same song, this time by the Vasari Singers, in case you want to hear it again:

P.S. I heard Sam Clemens' Letter from Santa to Susie on the radio the other day. Wonderful stuff.

One more (will I ever stop??):


Linda B said...

Thanks for all the wonderful music, Tabatha. It became my little bedtime concert!

Donna Smith said...

Well, there! That was fun! Thanks!

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Yep, these are among my favorites as well! Here's another:

Tabatha said...

Lovely, Michelle! Thanks for sharing it. :-)