Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hang On To Your Hat

Some hats can only be worn if you're willing to be jaunty, to set them at an angle and to walk beneath them with a spring in your stride as if you're only a step away from dancing. They demand a lot of you.
~Neil Gaiman

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that it was surprising I hadn't repeated myself...and this week I felt sure I *must* be repeating myself. How could I not have posted about hats?

When I was checking to see, I found an old post about men's accessories, a bunch about costumes, and one about a man who sure knows how to wear hats. But no hats. Huh!

Mouse and Top Hat
by Takeuchi Seihō

Mary of Burgundy
attributed to Michael Pacher

Bonaparte franchissant le Grand Saint-Bernard
by Jacques Louis David

Saturno, Cappello Romano worn by an archbishop
photo by Dieter Philippi

by Melissa Cabot
photo by Chris Phutully

Sea of Hats
a.k.a. Emma Goldman addressing a crowd at Union Square, New York

Lost: one cowpoke!
photo by Steve F

You know what kind of hat makes my day? Bollenhuts. A bollenhut is traditional formal headgear worn in the Black Forest area of Germany. Married women wear black pom poms, but the red ones worn by single women are particularly striking:

by Curt Liebich

The red pom-poms are said to have inspired the top (cherry) layer of Black Forest Cake. Yum!


Liz Steinglass said...

These are wonderful! I wish more people wore hats these days.

Retta said...

One of the funnest things about watching really old movies on TCM are the hats, both ladies and gents!

And then there's that iconic fedora that Indiana Jones wore...

I agree with Liz, I wish hats would make a comeback. Not beanies or baseball caps... real HATS with pizazz and sass!

jama said...

I LOVE Hats!! And this post. Those red pom poms!

Some are able to wear hats better than others. Wish I looked good in some of the hats I love. Thanks for sharing these. MORE please. :)