Friday, September 4, 2015

Love, It Is Our Home

You be the book, I'll be the binding
You be the words, I'll be the rhyming
~That's What's Up, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I thought this song could make a nice writing exercise..."You be the ____, I'll be the ______"

Lennon and Maisy:

Linda at TeacherDance has the Poetry Friday round-up.


Becky Shillington said...

I LOVE this, Tabatha! These girls are amazing!! Here are my attempts:

You be the window, I'll be the pane
You be the candy, I'll be the cane
You be the ship, I'll be the sails
You be the train, I'll be the rails

Have a happy Labor Day!

Tara said...

Well, you are asking for creativity at the end of the first week of school - I'll have to return and be inspired by others to make a meaningful combination, Tabatha. Such fun, though.

jama said...

What talented girls! Enjoyed this video. :)

jan godown annino said...

Appreciate the energy & talent of these singers (& the older student musician.)
Becky Shillington's contribution is super.

I'll be the compost bin, you be the lemon peel
I'll be the pie shell, you be the lemon pudding

It's lunchtime here :)

Happy long holiday weekend!

Diane Mayr said...

What a big voice from such a small girl. I was swept right up!

You be the cat, I'll be the catnip.
You be the dog, I'll be the yip-yip-yip!
You be the hamster, I'll be the turning ball.
You be my pet, I'll be your all!

Donna Smith said...

Ok. You know I can't pass up things like this...

All the body parts singing here:

You be the nose, I'll be the chin.
You be the thigh, I'll be the shin.

You be the knees, I'll be the hips,
You be the teeth, I'll be the lips.

You be the chest, I'll be the lung.
You be the mouth, I'll be the tongue.

Now just the mouths, please:
You be the hum, I'll be the croon,
You be the words, I'll be the tune.

You be the tongue, I'll be the bud.
You be the jaw, I'll be the cud.

All body parts join in again:

You be the beat, I'll be the heart
You be the end, I'll be the start.

That was an amazing video. I'm going to have to go listen again. Beautiful voices and great presence!

Linda B said...

Loved this so much I watched it several times, and sent it to my daughter to show to the girls, who love to sing, so "their" inspiration, too. Tabatha, how wonderful that you shared this!

You be the cake, I’ll be the icing.
You be the pie, that I’ll be slicing.
You be the cone, I’ll be ice cream.
I’ll be the coach, you’ll be my team.


Tabatha said...

I love y'all's comments so much!

I realized I should have posted a couple couplets of my own. So here goes:

You be the sky, I'll be the shower,
I'll be the vase, you be the flower...

You be the bell, I'll be the ringing,
I'll be the bird, you be the singing

Margaret Simon said...

Thanks for this video and prompt. I'm throwing out to my students to see what they can come up with. Love these voices.
Donna, your addition can't be beat.

Buffy Silverman said...

Wow--these girls can sing! Great idea for a prompt, Tabatha.

You be the seed, I'll be the plant.
You be the crumb, I'll be the ant.

Keri said...

What an awesome song! I went and found the original one you quoted too! There's a cute video of kids as grown-ups on YouTube. But those sisters can SING. A very fun writing exercise/challenge, and such creative writers contributing in the comments. As for me ... I haven't had enough coffee. And this is all I could think:
You be the coffee, I'll be the mug.
You be the moonshine, I'll be the jug.

I amuse myself. :-)

Irene Latham said...

You be the mac & I'll be the cheese. :)
Thank you for this, Tabatha! xo

Tabatha said...

Irene, you be the hug, I'll be the squeeze!
It would be fun to do these together (with one person doing the first line and another doing the second). Progressive poem? Hmmm...could be an interesting classroom exercise!

Mary Lee said...

You be the mail, I'll be the box.
You be the voice, I'll be the talk.

You be the gift, I'll be the thanks.
You be the gold, we'll be the banks.

This by way of saying thanks for the Kindle gift card that arrived in my mailbox this week! I will put it to good use for my 5th grade readers! The Poetry Friday crowd is richer because we have you in the banks of our lives!

Tabatha said...

Aw, you're welcome, Mary Lee! We (and the poems we share) are all the gold in each others' banks, aren't we?

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

What fun! I've enjoyed the comments as much as the video.

You be the country, I'll be the city.
You be the prompt, I'll write the ditty.

Bridget Magee said...

Fabulous prompt and video, Tabatha! I don't have a "You be"/"I'll be" at the ready, but I will ponder it and may be come up with one. Also, love your "Dirty Dancing" moment of fame cool! =)

Carol Varsalona said...

Tabatha, I missed this post but love the song and the prompt so here it goes:

You be the splashings and I'll be the waves.
We'll merge together on sweet summer days.