Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ironing it out

Man is harder than iron, stronger than stone and more fragile than a rose.
~Turkish Proverb

Metalwork this Art Thursday. I wanted to focus on wrought iron, but once I read about it for a while, I realized that I can't tell the difference between items that are wrought iron and ones that aren't. So here are items that were all called "wrought iron" and maybe they even are :-):

New Orleans - French Quarter "Miltenberger House"
photo by David Ohmer

Gresham Palace - Interior Detail
photo by Steve Silverman

Gate reflection
photo by Rev Stan

Detail of an Art Nouveau hand-rendered wrought iron gate by Emile Robert, ca. 1900
photo by Mark B. Schlemmer

Charleston Wrought Iron Fence
photo by Terence Faircloth

Abbey church in the Säben Abbey in South Tyrol
photo by Wolfgang Moroder

Okay, so the wrought iron is not really the main feature of this shot, but it took my fancy anyway:
Parasols, Barcelona
photo by Luigi Anzivino


The Museum Le Secq des Tournelles
Metal Museum in Tennessee
Philip Simmons, Blacksmith

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HWY said...

Wrought iron is definitely cool. I think it's "worked iron" (from the medieval version of worked). Whereas cast iron is iron that has been cast in molds. Hard to see the difference, though, sometimes!

These are great examples, especially the detail of the Emile Robert gate.

But as much as I admire and enjoy the wrought iron on the Barcelona balcony, that is one exceptional piece of art on the wall next to it!