Friday, January 30, 2015

What do icicles know?

I had stopped to watch a family of brilliant icicles drip-dripping from the eaves of a frame house. So clear-cut were their pointed shadows on the white boards behind them that I was sure the shadows of the falling drops should be visible too.
~Vladimir Nabokov

Icicles by Philip Bitnar

I decided to have a go at Michelle Heidenrich Barnes's January challenge, which was to write a Deeper Wisdom poem in the style of Joyce Sidman. I tweaked the format a wee bit, which is usually two stanzas of three lines each.

What do icicles know?
by Tabatha Yeatts

What do icicles know?

Harden fast inside the cold.
Night rejuvenates your hold.

Sharp points don’t always wound.
Dissolution is presumed.

Draw new drops into the fold.
Fragility can still be bold.


One more ice quote:

There’s always that first step in skating, from dry ground to slick ice, when it just seems impossible. Impossible that two thin blades of metal will support you; impossible that because its molecules have begun to dance a little slower, water will hold you up.
~Carol Goodman

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Linda B said...

"Draw new drops into the fold." Love the idea that icicles are 'doing'. And love that final quote, Tabatha. We used to live on a lake and the skating in winter was a wonderful time.

jama said...

Lovely poem, especially like the last stanza: "fragility can be bold." :)

Wonderful quotes too. Second one reminded me of when I first went ice skating (in England). I was amazed I could balance on those two thin blades!

Keri said...

You know you're old when reading about ice skating makes you think about your ankles. :-)

Lovely job with the change-up on the format, and the new lines that hint at icicles' saber-like shape. Well done, you!

Joy said...

Lovely poem, Tabatha and Happy Feb. birthday

Karin Fisher-Golton said...

Lovely! I saw it over on Michelle's blog where I was nearly bowled over by the Deeper Wisdom richness. It's nice to focus in on yours here. I love "Dissolution is presumed" and "Draw new drops into the fold," especially. My mind just want to play with and savor those ideas.

Joyce Ray said...

I love that first quote, Tabatha. I have icicles right outside my window and am waiting for dissolution! I like the way you play with format to get your poems just right for you!

Bridget Magee said...

Fabulous poem, Tabatha! I especially love the line:
"Fragility can still be bold" - so true of icicles and people. And I agree with Carol Goodman on another level - ice skating IS impossible. LOL!

Tara said...

I love that last line, too...and this one from the quote: impossible that because its molecules have begun to dance a little slower, water will hold you up.
Believing the impossible...there is a fragile boldness to that, isn't there? Thanks, as always, for giving me something to think about.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Such a beauty, this poem. I love all of the succinct insights, but am especially drawn to "Night rejuvenates your hold." I guess I can relate! I like what you did with the form too, keeping the same six lines but presenting them as couplets instead. Well done, Tabatha. :)

Doraine said...

Nice job with this. I love that "dissolution is presumed."

Diane Mayr said...

I love it all--the photo, the quotes, and your poem, too. Here's a quote from my neighbor Robert Frost: "Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting." I'm not sure I know what he's talking about, but I like the picture it paints in my head!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Adore that quote, and I guess I have always been overcome by the impossible moment--not a skater at all! I also adore your icicles poem, and I agree with Linda that in particular we think of icicles as a result, not as actors.

"Something fresh in a repeated form"--yes, that is the challenge, isn't it? Enjoyed being with you in the real world, and watching Dash distinguish himself! (And thanks for being the friend who remembered to go to the ATM!)

GatheringBooks said...

"Sharp points don’t always wound."
How piercing that line is, dear Tabatha.
Loved reading your poem today.
Hope the winter is treating you well and I send you bits of sunshine and light from my part of the world. :)

Pop said...

Wonderful poem, Tabatha. Every word in every line fits beautifully.