Thursday, January 30, 2014


Right on cue, I figured out the letter that comes after P.
~Jarod Kintz

Antonio Basoli (1774–1848) was an Italian painter, engraver, professor, and set designer. He also decorated theaters and palaces. Here's an example of one of his set designs:

It's not too big of a leap from there to his Alfabeto Pittorico (Pictorial Alphabet), 1839:

* You can see the whole alphabet here
* Amazon sellers have 2 copies
* Calligraphy and a calligram


Pop said...

Wow, these are magnificent!

Wonder what production that set was for?

And I liked that you ended with "Y" ;-)

The quote from Jarod Kintz was cool, so: I had tea before you!

jama said...

Love the pictorial alphabet!