Friday, November 15, 2013


Day 18 by Louise Docker

A bit of wondering from Robert Louis Stevenson this Poetry Friday, which you can take literally or perhaps you can imagine who will be reaping what we sow. It reminds me a bit of San Francisco winding up with air pollution from China:

Where Go the Boats?
by Robert Louis Stevenson

DARK brown is the river.
  Golden is the sand.
It flows along for ever,
  With trees on either hand.

Green leaves a-floating,
  Castles of the foam,
Boats of mine a-boating—
  Where will all come home?

On goes the river
  And out past the mill,
Away down the valley,
  Away down the hill.

Away down the river,
  A hundred miles or more,
Other little children
  Shall bring my boats ashore.


Last year, I made a poem ornament for my mom in a hollow ball. This year, I experimented with writing on a blank ceramic ornament. The poem on this one is In The Great Book of Winter.

photo by Elena Y

Here are links to more make-your-own stuff. I would love to hear your DIY ideas!

Jama Rattigan is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up today.


madelyn said...

Had RSL on my mind today as well. LOVE the poetry ornament, and the idea of incorporating poetry into the holidays.

Irene Latham said...

A poetry ball! LOVE. What a fun project or gift for my in-person critique group. :) I decided to put up a cowboy/western themed tree this year... I made my own bandanna garland! I love DIY!

jama said...

Great poetry ball ornament! And I hadn't seen that Stevenson poem before. Thanks for the wonderful Friday fare. :)

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Lovely poem. Gives a good sense of just how small and connected the world can be. And what a fabulous idea for Christmas ornaments-- love the customization potential!

Donna Smith said...

Stevenson was my favorite poet as a child, and is still a favorite. I love this idea for a gift or holiday decoration. Might just have to try it.

Liz Steinglass said...

What a lovely poem! Children do love floating things away and watching them go.

Linda B said...

Tabatha, you've shown me to look again at this poem, which I've always thought was the joy of floating paper boats, especially since Stevenson wrote so many children's poems. But maybe it is about more than that?
And, the ornament you created is beautiful, but I didn't see that poem last year, so special, Tabatha. Wow! I haven't made anything lately except helped my daughter make a name banner for the youngest daughter. She makes them, then hangs them with another Happy Birthday banner on their birthdays-a pennant for each letter, sewn together with ribbon. Maybe I'll write some poems on some ornaments-taking your idea if you don't mind! Thanks!

GatheringBooks said...

Wow. This beautiful ball of poetry would be lovely as a Christmas trimming. How lovely to spend so much time with the Christmas lights just reading poetry. :) Your thoughtfulness and talent in arts/crafts sure is inspiring. My husband is also intent on creating our very own lantern for Christmas this year and we're also actively decorating our (unfortunately-synthetic) Christmas tree. :)