Monday, November 25, 2013

the little match girl passion

She rubbed another match on the wall. It burst into flame, and where its light fell upon the wall it became as transparent as a veil, and she could see into the room. The table was covered with a snowy white table-cloth, on which stood a splendid dinner service, and a steaming roast goose, stuffed with apples and dried plums. And what was still more wonderful, the goose jumped down from the dish and waddled across the floor, with a knife and fork in its breast, to the little girl. Then the match went out, and there remained nothing but the thick, damp, cold wall before her.
~Hans Christian Andersen

A tragic old tale, a modern composer. This work for four voices and percussion by David Lang really grabbed me.

* You can buy it at Bang on a Can or Amazon.
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Tara @ A Teaching Life said... very sad. It's the essence of the story isn't it?