Monday, December 24, 2012

The Frog Prince Tries to Catch Her Eye

Frog by John Morgan

I'm short on time and running off to do Christmas stuff, so I am giving you a poem even though it's Music Monday. If only it was a poem about music! As it is, it just has a lot of sounds.

Mary Lee mentioned the crazy prompt I offered for the winter poem swap. Here's a poem I wrote using the prompt...the lines all start with "T" and the last word of (almost) each line starts with "S":

The Frog Prince Tries to Catch Her Eye
by Tabatha Yeatts

The prince's trembling feet clung to the well's side,
toes desperately gripping the wet stone, sliding
toward the bottom again, startled, speckled
turns, struggling hands, grunts, gulps, stopping
to breathe, listening to the swish
thump of his own heart, still
too far from the top, still
too weak, too soft
to be heard, still
too frog.


Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you are having a better time than the Frog Prince.


Linda B said...

Oh Tabatha, this is terrific, "too frog" is just right. Happiest of holidays to you, too!

Mary Lee said...

Crazy prompt, indeed! (But YOUR poem turned out great! And the photo is PERFECT!!(