Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photos from the Library of Congress

These photos are from the Library of Congress' National Photo Company Collection. I have mentioned the Library of Congress before. It's a national treasure.

Women competing in low hurdle race,
between 1920 and 1930

Laying cornerstones of the Lincoln Memorial,
Washington, D.C., Feb 12, 1915

Indian delegation who represented their race at the burial of the Unknown Soldier,
Nov 15, 1921

Convention of former slaves,
Wash., D.C., 1916

Young oyster shuckers,
Port Royal, S.C., between 1909 and 1932

Suffragette parade on Pennsylvania Ave.,
Washington, D.C.
, 1913

Cranking an auto,
circa 1914

Dead Letter Sale at Post Office,
circa 1920

One-legged rooster, pet of the Roosevelt children,
1924 or 1925

1 comment:

Harry said...

These are FANTASTIC.

What a wonderful selection, too.

I want to comment on each one, but that would run on for pages.

So I'll just say the Young Oyster Shuckers is worth the trip.