Friday, August 26, 2011

Out Of The Book-Bottle

At Your Command
by Tabatha Yeatts

Warily I look away
from the book
as it sits,

If I pull it open,
let the genie
of the book-bottle,
there will be no work,
no sleep
for me,
until the last word
has been set free.


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Author Amok said...

Hi, Tabatha. My daughter read the entire Harry Potter series this summer and will relate to the poem. Can't wait to share it with her.

madelyn said...

Yep, that's exactly it!

Irene Latham said...

Tabatha, I LOVE these family reading pics! Wonderful. And how great is that image you selected for the genie a book brings into our lives?? It is one of life's best pleasures. Thanks for sharing.

GatheringBooks said...

i lovelovelove the photos. particularly the harry potter reading material. haha. And thanks for sharing an original poem this week.

I like the finality of:
"there will be no work,
no sleep for me,
until the last word
has been set free"

I should have that kind of mantra for the book chapters and journal manuscripts I need need to finish. :)

Robyn Hood Black said...

Great pictures of the kids (and grown-up) reading! And your poem is so true...

Tabatha said...

My younger daughter is reading a Mysterious Benedict Society book, and my son is reading The Beyonders by Brandon Mull. He started it at home (in hardback) but forgot to bring it on vacation, so he bought it again for his Kindle because he didn't want to wait until we got home to finish it. Kind of goes with the poem!

Mary Lee said...

Yes, clearly this poems has roots close to home!!

The genie in the bottle for me right now is the Monsters of Men series by Ness. "Lost" some school work time yesterday because I HAD TO finish listening to the first book. Now I can't wait to get in the car again so I can start #2!