Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bill Carman

Surrealism to me has always been the "stuff of dreams." These are the things we see when we close our eyes and drift off to other places.
~ Michael Meissner

Artist Bill Carman has a fun sense of humor with a healthy dollop of weirdness.

Narwhal Rain
by Bill Carman

Delivery By Pig
by Bill Carman

Just Walkin' My Tree
by Bill Carman

by Bill Carman

Organic Radar
by Bill Carman

Just a Trim
by Bill Carman

Battle Cat
by Bill Carman

by Bill Carman

One more surrealist quote:

I don't do drugs. I am drugs.
~ Salvador Dali

All the above works were used with the permission of Bill Carman.

1 comment:

Merging Lane said...

These are fabulous. Carman seems a cross between Magritte and Gorey (two of my favorites) on steroids!

Usually I have no problem coming up with a favorite or two, but this time I must say I love them all. :-)