Friday, March 26, 2010

So, What Is Beauty, Anyway?

My daughter (age 8) was inspired by the national PTA arts program Reflections to make a family poetry event with the theme "Beauty is..." (the 2009-2010 Reflections theme). We each wrote poems, and my daughter gave out certificates of participation and merit, etc., that she'd made herself. Here's the poem I wrote for the occasion:

The Slobbering Eek Meets the Globbering Zeek

It so happened that the Slobbering Eek
Was pursued by a Globbering Zeek.
He liked the size of her eyes,
Small, bloodshot, and wise,
The floppy swirl of her neck,
Her nose like a shipwreck,
Crashing into her slobbering lips.

With all of his globbering heart
And the rest of his pus-covered parts,
He devoted himself to woo
With complete and total ado-
No one could have tried harder to recruit her
Than this cross-eyed, bow-legged suitor.

The zeek brought her flowers
For hours and hours,
Until she finally said,
It's not that I don't like that you are cutie-ful,
But you only love me because I'm beautiful."


Her brother wrote this acrostic:

Beauty is madness, that's what I always say
E: Please, just add a 'm' before the 'e' and you'll get all beauty is
All the beauty in the world, scrunched up in one person
U agree that I'm being modest, right?
You very much.


The next Reflections theme is "Together we can." Maybe I should start writing a little something about that...

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