Friday, March 12, 2010

Laura Purdie Salas: Without

by Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved

Without plunging, a waterfall is only a river
  Praise the falling, the walling, the surprise of water standing on end

Without sinking, a sunset is only blinding light
  Praise the creeping of night and its battle for sky control

Without night falling, the moon just hangs, a pale, cold rock
  Praise the backdrop of black, the reflected white glow of sun

Without wintering, summer overstays like holiday houseguests
  Praise the sharp freshness of ice, the clean slate before spring

Without dying, life is a treadmill
  Praise deadlines and pressure, and the shortness to make time matter

Without ending, the story is unfinished
  Praise the anticipation, the fear, the delight of The End


I love the poetry pockets that Laura Shovan talks about on her blog -- the bulletin board they made is awesome! She says: "Write the poems on a square of white paper. Then give each child a blue "pocket" to decorate. Post the pockets with the poems loose inside. Kids and parents love lifting the poems out to read."

Poetry Friday is at Becky's Book Reviews today.

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