Thursday, June 9, 2022

Adachi Museum of Art

The Adachi Museum’s gardens have been ranked as number one in the “2021 Japanese Garden Ranking,” and this marks the 19th consecutive year in the number one spot.
~Sukiya Living Magazine: The Journal of Japanese Gardening

Looking at the Adachi Museum's gardens and art made me happy. Hope you enjoy it too. For Art Thursday:

Adachi Museum of Art Garden, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
photo by Bernard Gagnon

Adachi Museum of Art Garden
From their website

Moonlit Evening
by Kawai Gyokudo

by Nishimura Goun

Summer Evening
by Hashimoto Kansetsu

Autumn Farm
by Hashimoto Kansetsu

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Pop said...

Definitely made me happy too. And, more than that, gave me a sense of peace and tranquility. Even the fox was relaxing.