Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Square of Changes

The back and forth between residents and the authorities has placed the expansive courtyard in the spotlight. Belarusian musicians have shown up to entertain large nighttime crowds from a first-floor balcony, with the makeshift stage and the rest of the high-rise building lit up in red and white, the colors of the opposition.
~Raman Vasiukovich

Happy Art Thursday! Still waiting for Belarus to be free. This week, we have a mural. It was painted in honor of two djs who were put in jail for ten days for playing a protest song at a government rally in August 2020 (I'll include the song below).

The government keeps painting over the mural and the residents of what is now known as the "Square of Changes" keep painting it back.

The song they played is a Soviet-era protest song by Viktor Tsoi called "Changes." Be sure to have the closed captions on.

"Kino" Performed Their Song "Changes" At Concert In Minsk (Viktor Tsoi's son was the producer)

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HWY said...

Great protest song...and great idea to keep painting that mural.

May great changes happen soon.