Thursday, July 21, 2016


Everyday brought something to be admired: the soft feathery patterns of cirrus clouds, the deep, dark grays of thunderheads, the lacy gold and peach of the early morning sunrise. The sky and its moods called to me.
~L. Jagi Lamplighter

It's surprising, given how much I like clouds, that I haven't featured them before. Remedying that omission now!

Beach View With Boats
By Ary Pleysier (1809-1879)

photo by h-away

Misty Shore, Llanddulas Beach
photo by Kris Williams

Lone Tree In A Muddy Field
photo by James Loesch

photo by Olivier Gillet

Abermenai Sands, Newborough Beach, Anglesey
photo by Kris Williams

Cloudscape, Beinn an Dothaidh & Beinn Dorain
photo by Ewan MacPhillimy

* Cloud Appreciation Society
* Ten Basic Cloud Types
* A poem about cloud repair


Linda B said...

I've taken so many pictures of clouds. Our Colorado skies seem to offer a variety! These are gorgeous, & that cloud-repair poem-wow! Each part is a beautiful imagining: "back stage steam machines
for accumulating cumulus," Thanks, Tabatha, off to today to watch clouds!

Retta said...

I love clouds, too. And totally enjoyed watching Bob Ross create his Happy Little Clouds. :-D

HWY said...

Glad you got around to featuring clouds, Tabatha. Just how many of us have played the "What Do You See in Clouds" game? I'd say it is almost a universal pastime.

These examples are great and I must admit to being "mesmerized" once again watching Bob Ross's magic. :-)