Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Icing on the Cake

But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?
~Marie Antoinette, attributed (ha ha)

I'm thinking about cake, maybe because we have some upcoming special events in the family, but whatever I make certainly won't look like any of these. (Although maybe that's a good thing...wouldn't it be a shame to actually EAT any of these?)

In honor of the Phillips Collection 90th birthday
by Chris Kujala of Ris
photo by Victoria Pickering

Sweets Sentiment, Pola Museum Annex
Osamu Watanabe

You can have your cake, but you cant eat it too
photo by G

That Takes the Cake
photo by sashimikid

Works of Art
photo by Scott

Marzipan Museum, Budapest
photo by Jenny

Hi, Cupcake! (Toronto)
photo by Loozrboy

Hand-Painted Floral Cake Tutorial (video)
Cake Art Decoration (video)

1 comment:

Pop said...

Definitely artistic...but I'm not sure I'd want to eat any of them, except for the Marzipan one (and I'd have to go back in time to get a fresh piece. :-)

And that Sweet Sentiment one looks like a cup of coffee, doesn't it?

BTW, I'm still chuckling over that quote.