Monday, February 29, 2016

Light on his feet

He is a total joy to watch – music embodied in physique, gesture, movement and muscle
~Paul O’Connor (about Nic Gareiss)

I love how happy Nic Gareiss looks to be dancing. For Joyful Monday:

From the "A Taste of Friendship" Celtic Colours 2014 concert. Nic comes out around 4 minutes in.

Brittany Haas' web site


Margaret Simon said...

Fiddle (violin) is my favorite instrument, so important to many cultures. Thanks for sharing these videos today.

Pop said...

Love Celtic music...and these were excellent string examples. And Nic Gareiss has Celtic dancing down!

Also noticed that Kimberley Fraser is a left-handed fiddler. I realized that I don't remember seeing many...and I'm thinking they have to have specially made fiddles? Interesting.

Thanks for a lively morning, Tabatha.