Thursday, July 23, 2015

Elly MacKay

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
~William James

Canadian artist Elly MacKay says, "I have been making little paper worlds since I was a child. I use ink to make small drawings that I cut out and set up in a miniature theatre. Then I light the scene and photograph it." Thank you for giving me permission to share these, Elly!

Cloud Watchers
by Elly MacKay

What Awaits at the Station...
by Elly MacKay

Mountains in the Sea
by Elly MacKay

Fall Arrives
by Elly MacKay

Peter's Lookout
by Elly MacKay

The Cartographer
by Elly MacKay

He Knew They Would Agree...
by Elly MacKay

The Heron's Hermitage
by Elly MacKay


Retta said...

Oh, I absolutely ADORE these!! My favorite: Mountains in the Sea.

I get a LOT of emails, and delete most of them, and unsub many more. But I always look forward to Art Thursday. Thanks for another delightful installment, Tabatha!

HWY said...

These are wonderful works of art. They have a depth of field that add beautifully to the subjects.

I usually pick out favorites within a selection of pieces, but not this week. They are *all* excellent!

Margaret Simon said...

Love these. Has she done a picture book? My favorite is cartographer. I am ruminating a poem about Heron's hermitage. Do you think she would give permission for another posting?

Tabatha said...

Ask her! I think she will be flattered. Go to her Etsy shop and contact her.

Carol Varsalona said...

Tabitha, these drawings are such splendid visuals. Thank you for sharing. I love Mountains in the Sea because the sea is calling me this summer.