Thursday, June 18, 2015

On Your Feet

It was a stark choice: shoes or food; beauty or sustenance; the sensible or the self-indulgent. "I'll take the shoes," she said firmly.
~Alexander McCall Smith

I found so many striking, fascinating shoes that I could do at least one more post, maybe more. So don't be surprised if I return to this subject again some day! (The shoes at the very bottom are the scariest shoes I've ever seen. What about you?)

Pair of crystal glass slippers made by Dartington Crystal
photo by Glamhag

Pair of Woman's Shoes, England, circa 1720s
Brocaded silk, leather, linen, kid

There was an Old Woman who lived in a shoe, circa 1875
illustration by Joseph Martin Kronheim

Detail of Krishna's shoes, Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar
photo by Steve Browne & John Verkleir

Shoes on a rock

Tiger shoes, China
photo by florathexplora

Cantabrian shepherds brogues
photo by Tamorlan

Slipper, pre-1700s
velvet, leather, metallic thread, sequins

Minefield Crossing Sandals


HWY said...

What a wide variety of shoe art!

Still trying to figure out Shoes on a Rock, though. :-)

The Cantabrian shepherds brogues were cool in their own way. Would love to know the purpose for that design.

And, I agree, the Minefield Crossing Sandals were indeed scary. Again, the design was intriguing!

Donna Smith said...

Those brogues would be good in Maine for mud season....lift you right up instead of slogging through it up to your ankles!
And the minefield ones must be for spreading the weight out and perhaps not having enough weight in one spot to trigger a mine, I'm guessing.
My favorite shoes were the brocaded silk from 1700's England. I think I want a pair!