Saturday, April 11, 2015

Military Child of the Year

“Cope? Adapt? Uh, no. These are military kids. They roll with it. I once asked a new student, 'See any familiar faces?' She pointed out various kids and replied, 'Seattle, Tampa, Okinawa, New Jersey.' For military dependents, school is literally a non-stop revolving door of old and new friends.”
~Tucker Elliot

Did you know that April is Month of the Military Child? I'd like to recognize the winners of this year's Military Child of the Year Award.

The Military Child of the Year Award is bestowed annually on six young Americans who have turned the challenges of frequent relocations and deployments of loved ones into a passion for excellence, service and helping others.

2015 Military Child of the Year recipients:

Cavan McIntyre-Brewer, 13, of Duncannon, Pa. representing the Army

Christopher-Raul Rodriguez, 17, of Camp Lejeune, N.C. representing the Marine Corps

Emily Kliewer, 17, of Orlando, Fla. representing the Navy

Sarah Hesterman, 16, of Doha, Qatar representing the Air Force

Caleb Parsons, 18, of Suffolk, Va. representing the Coast Guard

Zachary Parsons, 16, of Warrensburg, Mo. representing the National Guard

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for recognizing my daughter, Sarah, and the other children selected for this incredible award! I'm glad I found your blog, such great stories!