Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sincerely thankful

A while back, I saw a young man chasing a woman with a object that he was trying to get close enough to hit her with (a stick? a tire iron? I couldn't tell), but she got on the other side of a car and was able to keep out of reach. I called 911 and police officers arrived before he caught her. It was such a relief that she was safe. If I hadn't been able to contact the police, I would have felt obliged to intervene myself, and who knows how that would have gone. I am so thankful for our public servants who are willing to place themselves in dangerous situations every day and I hope we can help them have emotionally-healthy, well-supported departments.

That is all.

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LInda Baie said...

A nephew is a police detective, & is so upset by the terrible things in the news. I too am thankful for police who do the things we don't want to do. And I'm happy you are okay, Tabatha.