Thursday, October 30, 2014

Standing Tall

Well, as giraffes say, you don't get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.
~Sid Waddell

You might think there wouldn't be a lot of giraffe art, but...

Engraving of giraffes at Mathendous in the desert of Libya

Tingatinga painting of giraffes
by I.M. Mlaponi

Kunsthofpassage Dresden

Stand Tall 2013 - 50 years of Colchester Zoo
photo by Karen Roe
Stand Tall for Giraffes celebrated the 50th birthday of Colchester Zoo in 2013 with a public art trail of 112 giraffe sculptures. The giraffe sculptures raised £115,400 at auction.

'Sarasvati' inspired giraffe, part of Stand Tall 2013
photo by Karen Roe
by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Garden of the Villa Medici di Castello

Giraffe House
photo by Laurie Avocado

photo by Terry Robinson

* One Million Giraffes Project (someone used the Internet to collect one million art representations of giraffes, sent by strangers)
* Wildlife Conservation Society (I couldn't find any four-star charities that work on giraffe conservation...but this one, which has a score of 89.93 out of 100, is the highest rated I could find on Charity Navigator.)

P.S. I thought I didn't have any particular reason for spotlighting giraffes today, but I was just adding the tail to my daughter's giraffe Halloween costume and realized "Oh!"


LInda Baie said...

How beautiful each one is, Tabatha. Our zoo has quite a few giraffes, & I love to see them all lined up, amazing image. I especially love that you discovered some wall art from long ago.

HWY said...

Giraffes are definitely cool, and they're one of the most definable ones around. Amazing creatures.

I especially liked the Dresden building scene!