Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lark & Key

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it, none exists -- with it, all things are possible.
~Ida Tarbell

Spending some time with art from the Lark & Key gallery in North Carolina today. Thank you to gallery owners Sandy Snead and Duy Huynh for giving me permission to share these with you!

Just A Short While
by Angie Renfro

Steampunk House
by Barbara Chadwick

A Sea Of Umbrellas
by Kendra Baird

Tree Boats
by Janet Eskridge

Circus Romance
by Duy Huynh

Lidded Indian Stamped Jar
by Paula Smith

The Magnolia Tree
by Mary Alayne Thomas


LInda Baie said...

Tabatha, so gorgeous. Each time, I'd think 'that's my favorite!' Then there was another. I am such a color person, and I know I don't have to pick, but I do really like the umbrellas. Thanks!

HWY said...

Wonderful variety...and all very imaginative.

I was struck (pleasantly) by A Sea of Umbrellas especially.

Though, The Magnolia Tree is somehow very soothing.

And Happy Birthday to you, Tabatha!

Liz Steinglass said...

I absolutely love that first one.

Tabatha said...

Thank you! I had a great day :-)