Thursday, February 20, 2014


Every day is a new adventure to me, a new opportunity to do something meaningful.
~Elsa Mora

Thank you to Los Angeles-based, Cuban-born Elsa Mora for giving me permission to share these today. Not only is she talented in many media, she has a beautiful, big-hearted spirit.

Dear Santa
by Elsa Mora

Amelia the Paper Cutter and her Assistant Osvaldo
by Elsa Mora

A close-up of the miniature paper cutting
by Elsa Mora

from The Art is a Way Project
by Elsa Mora

Watercolor Illustration 7
by Elsa Mora

by Elsa Mora

Miniature Paper Ring Sculpture
by Elsa Mora

Rush Hour
by Elsa Mora

Embroidered Headband
by Elsa Mora

Elsa's Etsy shop
All About Papercutting


jama said...

Her jewelry is gorgeous -- love her paper cut work, too!

Pop said...

I think that Santa did indeed bring her a BIG imagination!

All her works are exceptional ... especially the paper cuttings.

I wonder if she ever wore the ring sculpture before she framed it. ;-)

LInda Baie said...

Beautiful, Tabatha. My sister-in-law collects silhouettes. I'll share this-she'll love the paper cutting too. Tiny wonderful things!

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Beautiful work and I love her sense of whimsy!