Thursday, December 19, 2013


1. To mold or carve in relief.
2. To decorate with or as if with a raised design.

When I think of embossing, I tend to envision embossed paper. Obviously, it doesn't end there:

Helmet, Embossed Steel, 1550, Italy
Photo by Mary Harrsch
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Mehrangarh Cannon
Photo by Ben Lepley

Man's Bag, Germany or Holland, 14th century
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Smoking Set with Masks, 18th century (Edo-Meiji). The netsuke is by Tadatsugu.
Walters Art Museum

Thoroughly Beaten, copper work, Thailand
Photo by Andrew

Leather Neck Corset
by Denby Jorgensen

Photo by postbear

Embossing copper how-to at eHow
How to emboss paper at WikiHow
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1 comment:

HWY said...

I hadn't thought of embossing as art...but it definitely is.

I enjoy the "old" ways to decorate everything from helmets to cannons to neck corsets (which looks quite uncomfortable, btw).

Nice to see the work station; gives a good idea how the embosser worked.

We have an embosser and have it on display; it is a work of art on its own.