Monday, November 19, 2012

Music DIY

Bird Music Ornament by A Forest Frolic

Having a hands-on Music Monday this week. Want to make stuff with sheet music? First, here's some printable sheet music:
Vintage sheet music
Christmas sheet music
America the Beautiful
Stars and Stripes Forever
A Gregorian chant
The Alphabet Song
Etude 6
And here are some ideas:
Sheet music art/craft list: everything from making a decoupaged guitar to music fingernails
Sheet Music cabinet knobs
Music sheet envelopes
Hymn Page Feathers
This book tree could also be made out of sheet music.
25 Map-inspired crafts to make (could use sheet music!)
Non-sheet music stuff to make:
Duct tape drums
Make instruments from Sharing World Cultures
Top Ten Pieces of Music for Creating Abstract Art from KidsArt

Whitacre by Crazyflyinmidget

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Linda at teacherdance said...

The links are great, Tabatha. I will certainly pass this on, & may find something wonderful for my brother and sister-in-law, musicians. Thanks. Love that little bird!