Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fictional Favorites, Divergent: Candor and Amity

This series of posts considers What would fictional characters' favorite poets/poems be?

I'm "diverging" from my regular Fictional Favorites and offering poems for the five factions in Divergent by Veronica Roth. Today's are for CANDOR, the honest faction, and for AMITY, the peaceful/friendly faction:


by Paul G

Truth Serum
By Naomi Shihab Nye

We made it from the ground-up corn in the old back pasture.
Pinched a scent of night jasmine billowing off the fence,
popped it right in.
That frog song wanting nothing but echo?
We used that.
Stirred it widely. Noticed the clouds while stirring.
Called upon our ancient great aunts and their long slow eyes
of summer. Dropped in their names.

read the rest here.


At Last the Secret is Out
by W.H. Auden

At last the secret is out,
as it always must come in the end,
the delicious story is ripe to tell
to tell to the intimate friend;
over the tea-cups and into the square
the tongues has its desire;
still waters run deep, my dear,
there's never smoke without fire.

Behind the corpse in the reservoir,
behind the ghost on the links,
behind the lady who dances
and the man who madly drinks,
under the look of fatigue
the attack of migraine and the sigh
there is always another story,
there is more than meets the eye.

For the clear voice suddenly singing,
high up in the convent wall,
the scent of the elder bushes,
the sporting prints in the hall,
the croquet matches in summer,
the handshake, the cough, the kiss,
there is always a wicked secret,
a private reason for this.


George Washington’s Birthday: Wondering
by Bobbi Katz

I wonder what I would have said
if my dad asked me,
"Son, do you know who cut down
my pretty cherry tree?"
I think I might have closed my eyes
and thought a little bit
about the herds of elephants
I'd seen attacking it.
I would have heard the rat-a-tat
of woodpeckers, at least,
or the raging roar of a charging boar
or some such other beast!
Perhaps a hippopotamus
with nothing else to do
had wandered through our garden
and stopped to take a chew.
We all know George said,
"Father, I cannot tell a lie."
Yet I can't help but wonder ...
Did he really try?

Copyright c 1992 by Bobbi Katz and used with her permission.


Friends by Mary Anne Enriquez


The Clouds Above Us
by Lu Yu

The clouds above us join and separate,
The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can stop us from celebrating?


by Thich Nhat Hanh

They don’t publish
the good news.
The good news is published
by us.
We have a special edition every moment,
and we need you to read it.
The good news is that you are alive,
and the linden tree is still there,
standing firm in the harsh Winter.
The good news is that you have wonderful eyes
to touch the blue sky.
The good news is that your child is there before you,
and your arms are available:
hugging is possible.

read the rest here


Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven
by Hans Ostrom

They call each other "E." Elvis picks
wildflowers near the river and brings
them to Emily. She explains half-rhymes to him.

In heaven Emily wears her hair long, sports
Levis and western blouses with rhinestones.
Elvis is lean again, wears baggy trousers

and T-shirts, a letterman's jacket from Tupelo High.
They take long walks and often hold hands.
She prefers they remain just friends. Forever.

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Often I Imagine the Earth
By Dan Gerber

Often I imagine the earth
through the eyes of the atoms we're made of—
atoms, peculiar
atoms everywhere—
no me, no you, no opinions,

read the rest here.


Linda B said...

Tabatha, thank you for sharing these beautiful poems. It's a treasure to be able to see your thinking. I wish I had already read the book because I imagine it would be even more meaningful.

Tabatha said...

Thank you, Linda! It was an interesting challenge. There's the "ideal" for all the factions, and then there's how the factions play out in the book -- not the same. To avoid spoilers, I tried to stay closer to the ideal.

violet said...

What interesting poems you've posted here. Each one is a gem in its own way. (I laughed at the one by Auden, then read it again aloud).