Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carrying the Same Water

Late self-portrait by Rembrandt

excerpt from Late Self-Portrait by Rembrandt
by Jane Hirshfield

...Happiness and unhappiness
differ as a bucket hammered from gold differs from one of pressed tin,
this painting proposes.

Each carries the same water, it says.


Rembrandt painted a great many self-portraits. I rather fancy the one below:

This next Rembrandt self-portrait is Self Portrait as a Beggar from 1630. It strikes me as brave and insightful to imagine yourself this way -- the same water in a different bucket.


HWY said...

I've always liked Rembrandt's self-portrait drawings. That he would draw himself in a less-than-flattering manner made the pieces even more interesting.

Enjoyed Hirshfield's bucket poem very much, too.

Ruth said...

Thanks for linking me back to this, Tabatha! What a wonderful post!