Friday, November 19, 2010

Poetry City

Last month, I told you about Dr. Alphabet's Poetry City Marathon Anthology. He's still collecting poems, btw. Here's the one I gave him:

Where poems peacefully co-exist

When Sonnet is missing
some of his iambs,
the whole street goes out to look,
pass out flyers,
comb the woods.
They bring him tea
and give him words of comfort.

Mr. and Mrs. Haiku
sometimes wonder
whether the scrappy little Limericks
are bad influences
on their children.

Villanelle would like to go outside,
leave her jigsaw puzzle
for just a moment,
to yell at Free Verse,
tell him to stop making a racket
with his skateboard
on the sidewalk right in front of her house.
But she doesn't want to break
her focus.

Couplet and Ballad
spend sweet-weathered evenings
walking hand in hand,
Ode used to follow them,
watching longingly,
until Narrative stepped in
and ended it.

Acrostic likes to have an aura of mystery
so she tends to look off in the distance
and mumble when you meet her,
like she's whispering secrets.
Once you understand her, though,
you've made a friend
for life.

loves Mayor Metaphor.
Rhyme almost got elected one year --
He ran a strong campaign:
"It's time
for Rhyme!"
But when it came time to vote,
Poetry Citizens found themselves
electing Mayor Metaphor
one more time.


Metaphor and its history

You know what crossed my mind? It would be fun to have a Poetry Friday Secret Santa exchange. Not sure what we would exchange -- poems, cards, gifts for $10 or less? Share your thoughts?

Diane has today's Poetry Friday round-up at Random Noodling.


Sally Thomas said...

A fun poem! And I love the Secret Santa idea, especially the notion of exchanging poems -- what fun to receive a poem which someone had written or chosen with you in mind.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

These are so cool! I really love what you have done here.

And I LOVE the secret Santa idea. We could send each other poems and/or writing prompts... Lets' do it!

Joyce Ray said...

It's a great poem! I love the Haiku's wondering if their children should play with the Limericks!


Author Amok said...

Hi, Tabatha. The haiku stanza is one of my favorites also. And the jigsaw-focused villanelle. What a clever poem.

Yes to Secret -- Santa? Maybe a winter Poet-tree, sending secret poems, so everyone feels included.

jama said...

A very clever poem! Poor Ode, longing . . .

Anonymous said...

Clever in the best sense! "Ode used to follow them,/watching longingly,/
until Narrative stepped in/and ended it." -- great! And I too love the Haikus wondering "whether the scrappy little Limericks/are bad influences/on their children."
Thanks for sharing this!

Tabatha said...

Thank you all! I'm glad there is some interest in having secret poem-giving...I'll post more about that as soon as I figure something out!

Barbara said...

Wonderful poem, Tabatha! And so clever. I really enjoyed it, especially Mrs. Haiku wondering about those Limerick kids. Nicely done!

Tabatha said...

I was looking into doing an exchange and it seems like it's a bit late for me to organize that this year (according to other sites' deadlines). Maybe we could do it during National Poetry Month? (Or if someone else wants to take the ball and run with it now, I would love to participate!)

If you do Library Thing, you might want to check out their Secret Santa for Booklovers:

laurasalas said...

Love, love, love this poem--so clever! The Villanelle stanza is my favorite, but the whole thing just made me smile!