Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rebellious Stones and Insightful Monkeys

The Gallery 1988 SF just hosted an exhibit called "Battle Royal," which featured a number of artists, including Martin Hsu and Patrick Gannon. I had to share their work with you. Martin's paintings are part of a series called The Legend of Naii, a tribute to his grandmother.

He says, "She was the center of our family and will always be my inspiration. For as long as I can remember she's always had silky white hair...In these images she's depicted as a goddess warrior who defends the white lily forest from demon pests. If the white lily forest were her family, then the pests are the hardship and any other odds against it."

The Vigilant Tiger
by Martin Hsu

The Righteous Crane

The Insightful Monkey


Patrick Gannon works with cut and torn paper. "A sneeze can be disastrous," he says in an interview about the process. I'll bet.

Oh, The Things You Say On a Winter's Day
by Patrick Gannon

The Golden Sea, It Has Teeth
by Patrick Gannon

Gravity and the Rebellious Stone
by Patrick Gannon

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