Thursday, January 8, 2009

'Round and 'Round We Go

Carousels this week! Aren't they fantastic?

Armored Carousel Horse
By Joe Leonard

Dentzel Hippocampus
By Joe Leonard

Lead Carousel Horse, EuroDisney
By Joe Leonard

The non-profit Albany Carousel Carving and Painting Studio is working on a terrific long-term volunteer project (no experience necessary!). Here are some of their animals, in various stages of completion:

Quagga, an extinct type of zebra once found in Southern Africa.

Chinook the Salmon

The scales, prior to painting

A drawing of Harriette the frog
This is a 1907 carousel painting by Boris Kustodiev. If anyone has a larger version, I would love to see it.

Visit the IMCA College of Carousel Knowledge to learn about carousels.

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