Friday, November 21, 2008

Masaoka Shiki

Japanese poet Masaoka Shiki is said to have breathed new life into the traditional art forms of haiku and tanka during his short lifetime (1867-1902).

Poems By Masaoki Shiki

on the pine needles,
each of the slender needles,
a dewdrop rests—
a thousand pearls lie
quivering, yet never fall

On how to sing
the frog school and the skylark school
are arguing.

Here is the dark tree
Denuded now
Of leafage...
But a million stars

entangled with
the scattering cherry blossoms-
the wings of birds!

far away
under the skies of America
they began
I could watch it forever!

Visit a monthly haiku contest named in Shiki's honor.

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