Monday, March 1, 2021


I got a Plan A, and I got a Plan B
And if it's absolutely necessary, we'll go to Plan C
~Lake Street Dive

Pretty big variety this Music Monday...

Lake Street Dive:

Wow, is this upbeat! Yung Bae:

This has been going through my head lately, although I can't understand the words much. "Dream pop" from The Cocteau Twins:

(The title of this post is from someone's guess at the lyrics)

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HWY said...

A definite variety this week, Tabatha.

I liked the Lake Street Dive...she had a really nice voice, very clear.

Unlike the Cocteau Twins. I can certainly see why someone didn't understand the lyrics. I actually read the lyrics while listening to the song...definitely not clear, or even made much sense. BUT I really liked the song.