Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Your Grief Girl

Poet Gayle Danley says:

As a former international and national slam champion, I have traveled the country using my words to heal and inspire the brokenhearted. Those who grieve have been especially drawn to my poetry, leaving me wondering: how can I join my love of words with my compassion for the bereaved, with my own suffering?

This question has morphed into my mission, Grief Friend, an organization of heart providing poetry readings, lectures, writing workshops and small love circles to comfort and teach those who are surviving grief at every stage. I plan to go right where they are: hospices, churches, support groups, schools and colleges, funeral homes, medical settings and living rooms. So far I have created and shared a ten-week video series to walk with the bereaved and I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book Sweet Potato Tears: 100 Ways to Really Help a Friend Who’s Grieving.

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HWY said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing. Gail is doing a mighty service for the grieving, and her poems are exactly what is needed.

I listened to several of them and each has its own personality, always fitting for that time of mourning.

The first one sets the tone nicely, but the one about the friends "missing in agony" and the one about laughter are especially good.