Thursday, December 10, 2015

Art in a Box, Buddy Bears, and Clowns

Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside.
~Elinor Ulman

I was excited to hear about the UNICEF program "Art in a Box." It seems as though art might be forgotten when times get rough, but it is just as necessary, if not more, in those moments. UNICEF info about Art in a Box:

Art in a Box is the first global kit created by UNICEF to provide guided activities proven to promote psychological healing through art, creative expression, cultural traditions, problem solving, experimentation and innovation.

In times of emergency, children’s lives are overturned. They lose their homes, their schools and sometimes their loved ones. Establishing a sense of safety and normalcy is critical to their well-being. For children to overcome trauma, they also need an outlet for creative expression.

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United Buddy Bears is an international art exhibition under the motto: We have to get to know each other better... it makes us understand one another better, trust each other more, and live together more peacefully. More than 140 countries are represented.

Kuala-Lumpur 2012
photo by Dorisrieck


photo by Jenny Mealing

Pablo Bär, Budapester Straße 45, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

Buddybear Athen
photo by thesheriff


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I'm including one more program that I like, even though this one is not art-related:

Clowns Without Borders

They say themselves that they're not as important as food, but still, people need laughter. (In my opinion, laughter contributes to people's overall health and wellness, so you could even think of it as being part of health care. What do you think?)


Pop said...

Wonderful variety today, Tab.

I think that the Art in a Box and the Clowns without Borders are two excellent programs that feed the souls of distraught children.

Also loved the BuddyBears...they're very cool.

jama said...

All of these are great programs, Tabatha. Of course I am especially partial to Buddy Bears!! They remind me of the recent Paddington exhibition in London -- all those bears were eventually auctioned off for charity. I didn't know about Art in a Box before -- brilliant idea.