Friday, December 31, 2010

Wisdoms of His Ocean

his years are all the air he will ever need

The Sage
Art by Andy Westhoff
Poem by the Poetry Store Poet, Silvi Alcivar

Click on the picture to read the poem more easily.

Carol is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up today.


Tara said...

I was mesmerized by that barnacled visage - that, and the last line.
Happy New Year Tabatha!

Tabatha said...

Thanks, Tara! All the best in 2011!

Mary Lee said...

Me, too. I love that last line. And I actually missed that this was your PF post, so I scrolled down and found all the tortoises/turtles -- this goes perfectly with them!

Here's to great age and air...and happy new years!

silves said...


thanks again so much for this post! it's great to know people love poetry and want to circulate its presence to others in this world.

all the best to you!!

p.s. stay tuned for a huge sale on most all of my etsy items this january. :)