Friday, June 4, 2010

Like It's Golden

In addition to being a singer and actor, Jill Scott is also a poet. In fact, she started out as a poet, and I can imagine that she would be hard to beat at a slam.

Here's Golden, a song which shows her flair for words nicely:
I'm taking my freedom
Pulling it off the shelf
Putting it on my chain
Wearing it 'round my neck

I'm taking my freedom
Putting it in my car
Wherever I choose to go
It will take me far

Living my life like it's golden

And here we have a poem that she sings:

A haiku from Scott's 2008 book of poetry, The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours:
It was a loud cry
When I was brought to this world-
Been loud ever since

Another song that shows her talent for wordplay is A Long Walk.

A heads-up: Not all of her poems are appropriate for younger viewers. For instance,The Thickness is not for young listeners.

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